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Ad Submission Guidelines

Who can use this service:
This classified listing is free to anyone with any type membership in the Experimental Aircraft Association and/or its chapters or affiliates, e.g. IAC, SSA, Antiquers, etc. for the benifit of aviation. Suppliers and Sponsors are also welcome within the constraints of the ad entry form. The provider reserves the right to delete submissions deemed to be abusive with no prior notice. This program will reject submissions that include vulgar language. Please enter no HTML code in the Body of Listing.

Anyone interested in linking to a special page that includes pictures/graphics with more descriptions, listings, order forms, et al may contact this Presence Provider via E-mail button below. Non-commercial EAA members or Chapter Sponsors will be given a single web page with an image and text for $20 annually or a 50% discount on more complex sites. Commercial vendors and suppliers of aviation related products will be afforded 20% discounts off published rates.

Choosing Listing Duration:
The listings will be purged only allowing ads submitted within the last six months! Resubmit if you want to. For now, this freebee classified has no way of deleting or editing individual ads conveniently (without begging or bribing the Presence Provider). Therefore, unless you want to be receiving calls, email, or snailmail (if you put your mailing address is in the Listing Body), don't select a Listing Duration longer than you think you need to. You can always resubmit the ad when your Listing Duration expires. Also, an alternative would be to place a duplicate ad with the word SOLD, UPDATED, REDUCED, or some such at the top of the Listing Body.

Primary/Secondary Categories:
If you have a "For Sale"/"Want to Buy" item that needs a category selection which is not available send an E-mail and it will be added if appropriate.

NOTE: There is a "Want to Buy" category. If you list it in an appropriate secondary category be sure to indicate "WANT TO BUY" at the top in the Body of Listing, otherwise it will look like a "For Sale" item.

Body of Listing:
The Body of Listing has a 1000 character limit including spaces and punctuaton. Again, no HTML, please.

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