Fred Mahan
Newsletter Editor
April 1997
Volume 17, Number 4
Chapter 724, Experimental Aircraft Association
Merritt Island, Florida
Mailing address:  P. O. Box 320923, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Officers						Technical Counselors

President:		John Murphy	783-1515	Ted Yon		783-7966
Vice President:		Eric Kennard	631-3264	John Murphy	783-1515
Secretary/Treasurer:	John Soukup	783-7128	Young Eagle Coordinator
Newsletter Editor:	Fred Mahan	452-5797	Tony Yacono	459-0080

The next meeting will be the Annual Chapter Banquet, April 4, 1997
Happy Hour 6:00 P.M., Dinner 6:45 P.M., Cocoa Beach Hilton

Calendar of Events

Mar 29 Melrose Landing (between Gainesville & Palatka), Plane Fun Day & Barbecue Lunch, 352-475-5548.

Apr 4-5 Daytona Beach, Spruce Creek Airport, SX-300 Fly-In, 904-788-9528.

Apr 6-12 Lakeland, Sun Ďn Fun Fly-In, 941-644- 2431,

Apr 26 North Perry Airport, open house, breakfast, and Young Eagle flights, 954-966-5680.

Apr 26 Orlando Executive Airport, EAA Chapter 74 flights for Make-A-Wish Foundation kids, 407- 677-6675.

Apr 26-27 Griffin, GA, EAA/Aircraft Spruce workshop, 1-800-967-5746.

May 3-4 Ft. Lauderdale, 1977 Shell Air & Sea Show, 954-527-5600, ext. 88.

May 10 Lockwood Aviation Supply, Sebring Regional Airport, Parts Flea Market and Sale, 941- 655-5100.

May 24 Orlando Executive Airport, Orlando Air Fair í97, 407-678-5873.

May 24 Crestview, EAA Chapter 108 Pancake Breakfast, 904-862-2673.

May 24 Decatur, AL, EAA Chapter 941 9th Annual Fly-In, 205-971-4060 or 961-4640.

Jul 30 - Aug 5 Oshkosh, WI, 45th EAA Annual Fly- In, 414-426-4800,

Regularly Scheduled EAA Fly-Ins Across Florida

Every First Saturday, Cannon Creek Airpark, Lake City, Fly-In Breakfast, 904-755-4760

Every Second Saturday, Charlotte County Airport, Punta Gorda, EAA Chapter 565 pancake breakfast, 813-627-6461.

Every Third Saturday, Sebring Airport, EAA Chapter 803 pancake breakfast, 941-465-6996.

Every First Sunday, Ft. Myers Airport, Chapter 66 pancake breakfast, 941-945-7000.

Every Second Sunday, Naples Airport, EAA Chapter 1067 Fly-In Breakfast, 941-261-5701.

Every Third Sunday, Kissimmee Municipal Airport, west side of the field, 9 am on.

Every Fourth Sunday, Bob Lee Airport, De Land, Fly-In Lunch, bring your own, 904-985-5373

Every Last Sunday, Quincy, FL, EAA Chapter 445 Pancake Breakfast, 904-421-4335.

Chapter 724 Annual Banquet

If you haven't gotten your Annual chapter Banquet tickets, call Eric or Cindy Kennard right away at 631-3264, or call Eric at work at 454- 7004, to get them reserved. The banquet is only a few days away. The banquet is scheduled for April 4 at the Cocoa Beach Hilton. Happy hour will start at 6:00, and dinner at 6:45.

Prez Johnny Murphy has lined up Mike Seager of Vanís Aircraft as out guest speaker. Mike is part of a program to check out RV builders, and should have some good tips for the neophyte and experienced alike among us.

EGT/CHT Monitors

From the AeroElectric Connection

Q: I have an electronic EGT/CHT meter that presently monitors the hottest cylinder. Can I install more probes and use a switch to select any desired cylinder for monitoring?

A: Certainly. Just be sure that you use a two-pole, 4 or 6 position switch. Everything you do to one side of a thermocouple lead must be done exactly the same in the opposite lead. This is because your switch and connections create new thermocouples at every joint. By putting equal and opposite couples in adjacent wires, their undesirable effects cancel each other.

Chapter 724 Logos for Shirts

You can still get the Chapter 724 logo embroidered on your shirt at The Robinís Nest in Byrd Plaza (810 Dixon Blvd., Cocoa, FL 32922, 636-4320). They have the computer program in their automated embroidery machine to put the logo on your shirt, or one you purchase from them, in three colors. They can also embroider names on shirts.

Experimental Aircraft Maintenance
From EAA Technical Counselor News, Winter 1997

In a change of position, the FAA has issued a new policy: repair stations may perform experimental aircraft maintenance under their certificate. Flight Standards has long held that Part 145 repair stations are not permitted to utilize their certificate privileges to perform maintenance/alterations on aircraft that have been issued experimental airworthiness certificates. This is because a certificated repair station must perform all maintenance/alteration in accordance with part 43 (see 145.57(a)), but all experimental aircraft are exempted from the scope of part 43 (43.1 (b)).

Flight Standards has determined that the practice of not permitting certificated repair stations to perform maintenance/alteration on these aircraft does not enhance safety.

Therefore, any repair station that holds an appropriate rating in the class of the type aircraft/powerplant being maintained/altered may perform maintenance/alteration on aircraft with experimental certificates.

The grant of authority is limited to the extent that the repair station must comply with the policy guidelines issued in HBAW 96-03.

HBAW 96-03 provides a plan for repair stations to follow in order to acquire the authority to maintain experimental aircraft. It also provides sample return to service language as well as sample operation specifications.

HBAW 96-03 was developed by the Flight Standards Airworthiness Systems/Air Agencies Branch, AFS-350. It will be incorporated into the next revision of FAA Order 8300.10, "Airworthiness Inspector's Handbook." Any questions regarding the bulletin should be directed to AFS-350 at 202- 267-7228.

ARSA members may fax their request for a copy of this "HBAW 96-03" to 703-739-9488. It is also available on the Internet at: http://www.fedworld.go.

For Sale

Lycoming IO-360-A3B6D (from Mooney 201). All accessories, oil cooler, new lightweight starter and alternator, vacuum pump, Lord engine mounts, 8" prop extension, crush plate, and prop bolts, 2 filler cap assemblies. Velocity custom canvas fuselage cover, 2 new Condor main gear tires, extra tube, Matco brakes, 2 master cylinders with brakes and rudder pedal assemblies. Complete Lanza breaker panel, OAT gauge & probe, master relay, Westberg EGT/CHT with probes, RG retract switch with green, amber, & red annunciator lights, voltmeter, oil pressure & temp gauges, Mitchell fuel pressure gauge, electric clock, manifold pressure gauge, canted instrument panel. Terra transponder w/encoder, Terra Nav w/GS-Loc, newest OBS head, PMS intercom w/2 headphone jacks, custom control stick w/PTT & rocker switch for elevator trim. DG, vacuum regulator, Compass, Altimeter, VSI, AS, Artificial Horizon. Throttle quadrant w/2 control cables & cover, Electro-hydraulic pump w/high & low pressure switches. 2 hydraulic cylinders, 2 electric geared arms for electric trim & speed brake. 4 upholstered seats & back panel w/interior cabin lights), extra dark green automotive carpeting, 2 front seat lap & shoulder harnesses, 4 seat belts. 2 extra long battery cables, Whelen strobe/position lights. Epoxy pump, large carpeted work table, fiberglass cloth dispenser (holds 3 rolls. Call Bill Richards, 407-725-1819.

1980 Piper Archer, full panel, like new, hangared. $55,000. Call Larry Massey, 561-878-3480 (West Palm Beach area).

Davis DA-2A project for sale. V-tail, all aluminum, 2-seat homebuilt. 40% complete, cabin, wings, and engine ready to be joined. C-85 Continental. $8,750 firm. Call 561-465-2372 or 561-871-0319 (West Palm Beach area).

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