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August 1998

Volume 18, Number 8

    The next meeting will be on the second Wednesday, August 12, 1998, 7:30 P.M. Big Merritt Island Air Service Hangar, South Side of Runway Second Floor, Southwest Corner Meeting Room.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Aug 14-16 Palm Beach County Offshore Racing
and Air Show, 407-984-3343.
Aug 15 Young Eagles Day and Cookout, EAA
Chapter 908, Ft. Pierce Airport, 407-335-1470.
Aug 22-23 Florida Sport Aviation Antique Classic
Assoc. (FSAACA) Fly-In, Live Oak, 904-935-0362.
Sep 11-21 ICAT Training Camps (3), Dunnellon
airport, 352-489-6760.
Sep 19 EAA Chapter 866 Smilin' Jack Fly-In,
Dunn Air Park, Titusville, 407-269-4564.
Sep 19-20 FSAACA Fly-In, Venice Airport,
Venice, 941-488-8791.
Sep 20 EAA Chapter 37 Fly-In Breakfast, Opa
Locka Airport, Miami, 305-940-8757.
Sep 26 Third Annual Pietenpol Fly-In, Oaks Air
Estates, Hernando, 352-726-5215.
Oct 4-18 ICAT Training Camps (4), Dunnellon
Airport, 352-489-6760.
Oct 9-11 31st Annual FSAACA Fly-In,
Thomasville, GA, 912-226-4708.
Oct 10-11 Third Annual Strawberry Airfest, Plant
City, 813-870-8776.
Oct 16-17 Searay Seaplane Fly-In, River Ranch
Resort, 407-876-6574.
Oct 17-18 EAA Chapter 812-Shrine Air Show,
Ocala Municipal Airport, 352-245-5261.
Oct 23-25 Jacksonville Air Show, NAS
Jacksonville, 904-542-3176.
Oct 24 EAA Chapter 98 Kitty Hawke Aviation
Fly-In, Flying-Ten (OJ8), Archer, 352-495-3206.
Oct 31 AAA Fly-In, Bob White Airport
Nov 2-12 ICAT Training Camps (3), Dunnellon
airport, 352-489-6760.
Nov 7 Zephyrhills Airshow, Zephyrhills Airport,
Nov 7-8 Wings 'n Things, Lakeland, 941-644-
Nov 13-15 FSAACA Fly-In, Cannon Creek
Airport, Lake City.
Nov 14 Winter Haven Pilots Association Annual
Fall Fly-In, Winter Haven, 941-293-7672.
Nov 14-15 North Florida Charity Airshow
(Thunderbirds), Lake City, 904-935-0185.
Dec 8-19 ICAT Training Camps (3), Dunnellon
airport, 352-489-6760.
Dec 12 FSAACA Fly-In, Melrose Landing, 904-

Regularly Scheduled EAA Fly-Ins Across
Every Saturday, Cannon Creek Airpark, Lake
City, Fly-In Breakfast, 904-755-4760
Every Second Saturday, Charlotte County Airport,
Punta Gorda, EAA Chapter 565 Pancake
Breakfast/Young Eagles, 941-575-6360.
Every Second Saturday, Tampa, EAA Chapter
175 Fly-In Breakfast/Young Eagles, 813-654-2921.
Every Second Saturday, Homestead, Fly-In and
"Chikee Chat" Seminar, 305-247-7886.
Every Third Saturday, Kissimmee Airport, EAA
Chapter 74 Pancake Breakfast, 407-678-5873.
Every Third Saturday, Dunn Air Park, Titusville,
Fly-In Breakfast, 407-269-4564.
Every Third Saturday, Valkaria Airport, Pancake
Breakfast/Young Eagles, 407-724-8671.
Every Fourth Saturday, Orlando, EAA Chapter 74
Pancake Breakfast & Young Eagles, 407-841-7981.
Every Fourth Saturday, Crestview, EAA Chapter
108 Pancake Breakfast, 904-862-2673.
Every First Sunday, Ft. Myers Airport, Chapter 66
Pancake Breakfast, 941-945-7000.
Every Second Sunday, Naples Airport, EAA
Chapter 1067 Fly-In Breakfast, 941-261-5701.
Every Third Sunday, Kissimmee Municipal
Airport, west side of the field, 9 am on.
Every Third Sunday, Sebring Airport, EAA
Chapter 803 Pancake Breakfast, 941-465-6996.
Every Fourth Sunday, Bob Lee Airport, De Land,
EAA Chapter 635 Fly-In Picnic, 904-734-1032.
Every Last Sunday, Quincy, FL, EAA Chapter 445
Pancake Breakfast, 904-421-4335.

July Meeting

The July meeting was held on July 8th in the
chapter meeting room at the Merritt Island Air
Service hanger. Rain, thunder, and lightening did
not deter the faithful, and turnout was surprisingly

Just before the June meeting, chapter
members had received some tentative information
about accidents of the prototypes of the Thunder
Mustang and RV-8. Later information confirmed
that the RV8 did indeed lose a wing. The
preliminary report received on the Thunder
Mustang was in error in that the structure did stay
intact and the engine was running. One report said
that the engine had been at idle for 1 minute 40
seconds before impact but then went to full power
for 6 seconds before impact.
John Murphy got a trip with a friend in a
Citation Jet to Colorado and back. John's
recounting of the trip was great. Pat Salamone has
been converting his GP-4 landing gear from a
manual system, with the Johnson bar
retract mechanism, to a hydraulic retraction
mechanism. Pat said the conversion should be
finished in a couple of weeks.
Tony Yacono briefed us on the planning for
the upcoming Young Eagles Day.

Young Eagles Day

Young Eagles Day at Merritt Island Airport,
July 18th, was a huge success. When flights began
between 8:30 and 9 am, kids were lined up around
the Merritt Island Air Service building. By late
afternoon when the last passenger had been taken
up, 256 kids had gotten their Young Eagles flight.
Kudos to organizer Tony Yacono and his squadron
of volunteers who made the event happen. Tony
being Tony, he's probably got his sights set on 300
next year!

Will Loran Live Long And Prosper?
From Avflash, July 13, 1998

Pilots who use Loran-C to get from hither to
yon probably won't be forced to free up panel space
anytime soon. AOPA say the Coast guard is
planning to continue operating Loran-C through the
year 2008, but any extension beyond the December
31, 2000, shutdown target date will have to have
DOT Secretary Rodney Slater's approval. "More
than 80,000 general aviation aircraft are equipped
with Loran receivers," said AOPA President Phil
Boyer. "We fought a long time to protect pilots'
investment in Loran equipment and to keep this
system operating. " The FAA reauthorization bill
pending in the House directs the DOT to maintain
and upgrade the Loran-C system throughout the
transition to satellite-based navigation.

Builder Hints
EAA Chapter 49 Newsletter

1. Reminder, everything on an airplane is
vibrating. These vibrations are at certain
frequencies due to propeller harmonics, engine
piston cycles, etc. When making your system
installations - wiring, ducting, oil lines, fuel lines,
electrical wiring, etc. - secure everything so that
none of these items will be flopping around inside
the engine compartment. Mount or secure the
electrical transmitters (oil, fuel press) to a solid
mounting surface such as the firewall. Use a flex
line from the engine to the transmitter to absorb the
vibration from the engine to the transmitter. The
transmitter will not tolerate continuous vibration
and will soon give up after a short period of
operating time.
2. Secure wiring to terminals with a star
washer under the nut and terminal connector. Use
shrink wrap tubing to go around the wiring and the
terminal (butt connector) ends. This will help to
stabilize the wiring to the connector from vibration.
DO NOT SOLDER in the connectors to wiring.
Vibration will soon cause this to fail. Always pull
test your crimped connections to make sure they are
secure. It pays to use a good crimping tool to do
your crimp connections and not one of the Harbor
Freight Taiwan specials. Thomas Betts is a good
crimping tool. Why stake your life on a $1.00
crimping tool??
3. Exhaust systems should be supported to
the engine and not to the airframe. If you support
them from the airframe use a flexible type
connector (like used on an exhaust hanger of a
heavy car) or use a spring type connection such as
used on Wichita airplanes. This will allow
movement of the exhaust system without putting
strains on the flanges where they bolt to the engine.
Often a ball joint is added between the connections
to the exhaust flanges and the tailpipes. I added a
ball joint system to my RV and have had 500 hrs of
no problems. Others with the same type of systems
have had them crack and fall completely off in less
than 100 hrs. of operation. One fellow I talked to
lost his complete pipe system while out flying
(never to be found) He had his wife with him on her
first flight in the airplane. Needless to say she hasn't
flown with him since!!!

4. Engine Baffling: Install doublers (about 1
1/2" diameter washers from alum. .040) where the
baffling is secured to the cylinders. This will
alleviate having to make repairs to cracks that will
develop from vibration at a later date.
5. Engine Break In: (this is from LPM-
August 1997) For most engines, full power for take-
off and climb is fine. Keep the climb shallow but
extended (maybe to 3000' above the ground). Cruise
should be around 70 percent power with mixtures
around 100ºF rich of peak. (I'd even go to 125ºF
rich of peak with the Calif. fuels). This procedure
should be used for the entire break-in period. For
steel barrels, this can be about 35 to 50 hours.
Chrome barrels can take up to 100 hours. If your
cylinders have glazed over (brown areas in the
barrel wall) nothing short of ring replacement and
finish honing will help. Same applies for rings that
have gotten too hot and have become annealed.

Classified Ads

Continental 0-200A. 3083 TT, Zero time since
major overhaul done by A/P. Crank Magaflux &
Runout OK 0.010 under, New rings, bearings,
valves, valve keepers. Pickled with 3 gal storage oil
 and dehydrator plugs Includes mags, carb (MA-
3SPA),pull starter, alternator and vacuum pump
core. Have all logs and overhaul manual. Can e-
mail/send photos. Ed Sikora 407-861-3338 or

Aircraft Instrument Repair -- Experienced, retired
part-time instrument repair. Can fix most problems
inexpensively. John Soukup, 783-7128 or Saturday
mornings at Merritt Island Airport.

For Sale -- make offer. 5 gal. Clear butyrate dope, 2
3/4" X 4" Sitka spruce spars (one 16', one 17'), 1
roll 1/2" Stits reinforcing tape, 1 roll 2" pinked
tape, 2 pieces of 18" X 144" X .016 leading edge
material, 1 Aerolite kit, 1 instrument overlay panel
(holes not yet cut out), 1 5 hp 30 gal
Campbell/Hausfield air compressor, 2 Aeronca
11AC struts (1 front, 1 rear). Call Stuart Jones,

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