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September 1998

Volume 18, Number 9

    The next meeting will be on the second Wednesday, September 9, 1998, 7:30 P.M. Big Merritt Island Air Service Hangar, South Side of Runway Second Floor, Southwest Corner Meeting Room.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Sep 11-21 ICAT Training Camps (3), Dunnellon airport, 352-489-6760.
Sep 19 EAA Chapter 866 Smilin' Jack Fly-In, Dunn Air Park, Titusville, 407-269-4564.
Sep 19-20 FSAACA Fly-In, Venice Airport, Venice, 941-488-8791.
Sep 20 EAA Chapter 37 Fly-In Breakfast, Opa Locka Airport, Miami, 305-940-8757.
Sep 25 2nd Annual Tenant Appreciation Day, Merritt Island Airport, 267-8780.
Sep 26 Third Annual Pietenpol Fly-In, Oaks Air Estates, Hernando, 352-726-5215.
Oct 4-18 ICAT Training Camps (4), Dunnellon Airport, 352-489-6760.
Oct 9-11 31st Annual FSAACA Fly-In, Thomasville, GA, 912-226-4708.
Oct 10 Plane Fun Day, Merritt Island Airport, 453-2222.
Oct 10-11 EAA Chapter 1178 Third Annual Strawberry Airfest, Plant City, 813-870-8776.
Oct 16-17 Searay Seaplane Fly-In, River Ranch Resort, 407-876-6574.
Oct 17-18 EAA Chapter 812-Shrine Air Show, Ocala Municipal Airport, 352-245-5261.
Oct 23-25 Jacksonville Air Show, NAS Jacksonville, 904-542-3176.
Oct 24 EAA Chapter 98 Kitty Hawke Aviation Fly-In, Flying-Ten (OJ8), Archer, 352-495-3206.
Oct 24 EAA Chapter 625 Fly-In, De Land, 904-734-1032.
Oct 31 AAA Fly-In, Bob White Airport
Nov 2-12 ICAT Training Camps (3), Dunnellon airport, 352-489-6760.
Nov 7 Zephyrhills Airshow, Zephyrhills Airport, 813-973-7976.
Nov 7-8 Wings 'n Things, Lakeland, 941-644-0741.
Nov 13-15 FSAACA Fly-In, Cannon Creek Airport, Lake City.
Nov 14 Winter Haven Pilots Association Annual Fall Fly-In, Winter Haven, 941-293-7672.
Nov 14-15 North Florida Charity Airshow (Thunderbirds), Lake City, 904-935-0185.
Dec 8-19 ICAT Training Camps (3), Dunnellon airport, 352-489-6760.
Dec 12 Toys for Tots Pancake Breakfast, Merritt Island Airport, 453-2222.
Dec 12 FSAACA Fly-In, Melrose Landing, 904-475-3359.

Regularly Scheduled Florida EAA Fly-Ins
Every Saturday, Cannon Creek Airpark, Lake City, Fly-In Breakfast, 904-755-4760
Every Second Saturday, Charlotte County Airport, Punta Gorda, EAA Chapter 565 Pancake Breakfast/Young Eagles, 941-575-6360.
Every Second Saturday, Tampa, EAA Chapter 175 Fly-In Breakfast/Young Eagles, 813-654-2921.
Every Second Saturday, Homestead, Fly-In and "Chikee Chat" Seminar, 305-247-7886.
Every Third Saturday, Kissimmee Airport, EAA Chapter 74 Pancake Breakfast, 407-678-5873.
Every Third Saturday, Dunn Air Park, Titusville, Fly-In Breakfast, 407-269-4564.
Every Third Saturday, Valkaria Airport, Pancake Breakfast/Young Eagles, 407-724-8671.
Every Fourth Saturday, Orlando, EAA Chapter 74 Pancake Breakfast & Young Eagles, 407-841-7981.
Every Fourth Saturday, Crestview, EAA Chapter 108 Pancake Breakfast, 904-862-2673.
Every First Sunday, Ft. Myers Airport, Chapter 66 Pancake Breakfast, 941-945-7000.
Every Second Sunday, Naples Airport, EAA Chapter 1067 Fly-In Breakfast, 941-261-5701.
Every Third Sunday, Kissimmee Municipal Airport, west side of the field, 9 am on.
Every Third Sunday, Sebring Airport, EAA Chapter 803 Pancake Breakfast, 941-465-6996.
Every Fourth Sunday, Bob Lee Airport, De Land, EAA Chapter 635 Fly-In Picnic, 904-734-1032.
Every Last Sunday, Quincy, FL, EAA Chapter 445 Pancake Breakfast, 904-421-4335.

August Meeting

The August meeting was held on August 12th in the chapter meeting room at the Merritt Island Air Service hanger.

As the meeting was the first since the end of July, talk naturally turned to Oshkosh. Incidentally, Oshkosh is no longer called "Oshkosh," but is now "AirVenture." Anyway, only 3 chapter members made the trip this year, Don Conover and Bill Brown (both of whom went in motorhomes) and one other. Attendance this year was up slightly to 855,000. About 682 homebuilts were there, as well as 547 warbirds, and 583 classics. A 747 carried about 400 Australians to the event. Weather was good for about the first two-thirds of the event, but many were trapped on the ground by bad weather at the end.

A few last items regarding June's Young Eagle Day were brought up by Tony Yacono. 254 kids were flown -- among those were seven from other countries. $800 worth of fuel was consumed, and 16 cases of oil were distributed. Thanks to all who volunteered their airplanes and time to make the event a success. Tony hopes that more than 300 kids can be flown next year. In the last newsletter, the editor failed to point out the considerable contributions to Young Eagle Day by Bobbie Lasher. Thanks Bobbie!

We had four visitors at the meeting, John Webb, John Maynard, Hal Giddings, and Dave Kaboord. John Webb runs a fiberglass shop on Murrell Road in Rockledge. John Maynard has a Cozy Classic, and recently brought his airplane to Merritt Island Airport. Hal is building a Glass Goose.
Dave hails from the Netherlands and is building a Lancair, which is almost complete. He gave an interesting impromptu talk on homebuilding in the Netherlands. Homebuilding and regulations in the Netherlands until 1993 were extremely restrictive. In 1994 the government gave up on regulating homebuilts. They are now the responsibility of the builder, and anyone who buys a homebuilt can legally work on it. No homebuilt IFR is permitted, though, and aircraft are limited to two place and 180 hp maximum. You can't cross an international boarder without written permission.

The Netherlands is no Mecca for flying. It has only a few hundred GA pilots, 300 GA aircraft, about 30 homebuilts, and about 35 homebuilding projects. The country has only 10 airports, including grass strips. Landing fees are $20, and avgas costs $8 per gallon. Thanks for the talk, Dave. It helps us appreciate the freedoms that we (still) have in the USA.

Joe Yasecko

        Long-time chapter member Joe Yasecko of Cocoa Beach died on August 16th. He was 83.
        Naturally friendly, Joe made regular rounds at the Merritt Island Airport visiting builders and their projects. He flew his Long-EZ for a number of years, and recently was working on a longtime ambition of his, a roadable airplane, which was close to flight.

        Born in Czechoslovakia, Joe grew up near Youngstown, Ohio. He earned an engineering degree, then spent World War II in the Army Air corps setting up radar sites in the Pacific. He moved to Brevard County in 1956 and worked on the Matador and Atlas programs at the Cape.

        Joe is survived by his wife Ella and daughter Nancy. We will miss him.

EAA Chapter 724 Library

By Ted Yon, Chapter Librarian
Chapter 724 has an extensive library located
in the back of the meeting room. The library has a very complete collection of SPORT AVIATION going back to the earliest days in the 1950's. If you, as a chapter member new to the sport, wish to add to you personal collection of Sport Aviation copies, see the chapter librarian as he has duplicate copies of most issues. Please do not remove copies from the chapter library.
While Sport Aviation is the only publication maintained as a complete collection, there are many other publications in the library you may borrow for enjoyment or study that are not maintained in any order. They are also located in the back of the meeting room.
In addition to publications there are many video tapes available for you to borrow on most subjects covering everything from building to flying to FAA test studies to history. Enjoy these resources that are made available through the generosity of your fellow chapter members.

Plane Fun Day

        Merritt Island Air Service and the Brevard Aviation Association will host Plane Fun Day on October 10th, from 9am to 3 pm. Plane Fun Day is an annual open house at Merritt Island Airport to introduce the non-flying public to aviation. Merritt Island Air Service will offer sightseeing rides and have its aircraft on static display. The BAA has asked that as many EAAers as possible bring their airplanes out for display so that the public can see all aspects of aviation. Various aviation-related businesses and organizations will have displays set up in the big hanger, and food will be available from civil Air Patrol volunteer cooks. Keep this Saturday open for a day of picnicking and airplanes.

Dennis and Mike's Velocity

        Dennis Knutson of Indiatlantic and Mike Knutson or Titusville, a father-son team, recently completed and flew their Velocity. Dennis, the father, got the title of Test Pilot and Mike, who obtained a Repairman's Certificate for the craft, is Chief mechanic. They gave an excellent presentation on their project at the July chapter meeting. The flight test program is going well, with few problems. Way to go, guys!

Aviation Humor

Stolen from Chapter 908 Newsletter "Hylites"

        The German controllers at Frankfurt Airport are infamous for being a short-tempered lot. They not only expect you to know your parking location but also how to get there without any assistance from them.

        So, it was with some amusement that we (United 747) listened to the following exchange between Frankfurt ground control and the pilot of a British Airways 747 (call sign Speedbird 206).

Speedbird: "Good morning Frankfurt, Speedbird 206 clear of the active."
Ground: "Guten morgen, taxi to your gate."

The BA 747 pulls onto the main taxiway and stops.

Ground (brusquely): "Speedbird, do you not know where you are going?"

Speedbird: "Standby ground, I'm looking up the gate location now."

Ground (impatiently): "Speedbird 206, have you never been to Frankfurt before?"

Speedbird (coolly): "Yes, several times in 1944, but I didn't stop."

Classified Ads

Continental 0-200A. 3083 TT, Zero time since major overhaul done by A/P. Crank Magaflux & Runout OK 0.010 under, New rings, bearings, valves, valve keepers. Pickled with 3 gal storage oil and dehydrator plugs Includes mags, carb (MA-3SPA),pull starter, alternator and vacuum pump core. Have all logs and overhaul manual. Can e-mail/send photos. Ed Sikora 407-861-3338 or planeman23@hotmail.com
Aircraft Instrument Repair -- Experienced, retired part-time instrument repair. Can fix most problems inexpensively. John Soukup, 783-7128 or Saturday mornings at Merritt Island Airport.

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